Our Kennel

'Amalek' was registered with the Kennel Club by Mary as our affix in 1973 but our love story with the English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) began in 1992 with the purchase of our foundation bitch and 'Grande Dame' Champion Joruben A Touch Of Class at Amalek. 'Roxy' soon gained her title and had a sucessful show career collecting 7 CC's & 11 RCC's.

We are Championship show judges for the breed and are both active English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Society members, Roy is at present President and Mary is Vice-Chairman.

Amalek is a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder with accolades.

We have always advocated 'close family breeding'; 'in-breeding'; 'line-breeding'  or whatever you like to call it, as the means for establishing a consistent line of dogs of a similar type but have never hesitated to introduce complimentary lines from overseas.

Our first import was Champion Juleko Henry James at Amalek ('Andy') from New Zealand in 1995 who proved to be a potent stud dog and who stamped his get and endowed his progeny with his flowing extended movement. A real gentleman and an honour to have owned. Six of his progeny went on to become UK Champions winning a total of 57 Challenge Certificates between them; and two made the long haul flight back to the Antipodes: Amalek High Hopes becoming Australian Champion and Amalek Putting On The Ritz gaining his crown in New Zealand.

Australian Champion Sasndash King Arthur at Amalek was the next to arrive in 2002. Although taking Reserve CC at Crufts 2003, his first show, an injury sustained prior to leaving Australia precluded him from a show career. He proved a worthy stud dog and sired 39 puppies including American  Champion Amalek Jolly Swagman in the USA and NUCH. Amalek English Gentleman in Norway.

American Champion A Sorcerer's Tale Of Maggical Paws at Amalek arrived in 2006 and our latest import New Zealand Champion Frasers Off The Grid at Jura to Amalek was flown in this year and already proved himself to be a potent stud dog.

Champion Joruben A Touch Of Class at Amalek fronting ETT Club cups & trophies won in 1993