Two Typical Amalek ETTs
'Scout' & 'Pixal'
Owned and loved by Mrs Andréa Morgan
Due to ill health we have decided to postpone our next litter until early 2019 but enquiries still welcomed.

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Amalek English Toy Terriers

is an exclusive kennel of English Toy Terriers (Black and Tan) situated on the foothills of the healthy heights of Dartmoor. We have always aimed at maintaining and strengthening this vulnerable native breed - the oldest British Terrier - by selective breeding and the import of bloodlines from overseas  and our stock has formed the foundations on which other English Toy Terrier breeders have built their reputations. 

As well as achieving more successes in the show rings than can be listed here we have always prided ourselves on producing beautiful, healthy and happy puppies that are a joy to own as companion dogs and we do occasionally have puppies for sale - look at our 'Litters Due' page for information.

All our English Toy Terriers are veterinary checked for patellar luxation (slipping kneecaps) by radiography, and we also check for juvenile cateracts under the BVA/KC/ISDS eye testing scheme.

and approved with all their 'accolades'

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